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Grooming Prices

DogScrub's lower prices reflect our general grooming principles of simple, practical and stylish grooming that is affordable for you and comfortable for your pet. Matted or badly tangled dogs are trimmed short. (De-matting is torture and not offered here.) Longer coats require regularly scheduled appointments and owner participation in the up-keep of the coat. We don't do bows and we don't paint nails! Your pet's comfort is paramount and we believe by making out service affordable you will be able to keep your dog clean and happy by calling us more often. Remember...

"A clean dog, is a happy dog!"

Dog Grooming / Long Haired 

Up to 35 pounds --- $45 - $55

Up to 55 pounds --- $55 - $75

Over 55 lbs --- $75 and up


Dog Grooming / Short Haired

Up to 35 pounds --- $45 - $55

Up to 55 pounds --- $50 - $60

Over 55 pounds --- $55 and up

All prices posted are estimates.

Call for more information regarding your pet.










*Multi-Pet Discount